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From Boys to Men - How Mentoring is Smoothing the Road to Adulthood

From the Guardian, UK by Mary O'Hara about the work of Band of Brothers, founded in the UK by ManKind Project Leader Michael Boyle. Michael received the Ron Hering Mission of Service Award for his groundbreaking work with teens in London in 2010. One of the other collaborators for Band of Brothers, Caspar Walsh, received the 2011 Ron Hering Mission of Service award for his work with young men in the "Write to Freedom" Program. Caspar is also a regular contributor to the Guardian's Blog.

Band of Brothers is continuing to have an incredible impact, and the work is gaining wider recognition in the culture. Visit Band of Brothers here:

Find the article on the Guardian UK web site here:

You can also download a print version of the article: Click Here.

Many of the Mentors in the Band of Brothers program are also ManKind Project men. These men make excellent mentors because they are doing the hard work of examining their own lives with deep self-awareness, personal responsibility, and emotional intelligence. In turn, they show up for a young man in a way that is transparent and authentic. MKP mentors are not 'patriarchs'. They are partners in helping a teen find his voice, power, confidence, and vulnerability in a way that doesn't reproduce outmoded male stereotypes, but creates a generation of men with the resilience and flexibility to help build a better world for everyone.

Thank you to Michael Boyle and the many men of the UK who are helping create a better future for our society by helping to raise a healthy generation of young men, one teenager at a time.


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