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Mission of Service for Darryl Bowens Hansome

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Personal Mission:

To create a world of acceptance and confidence by interacting with you and others without judgment.

Action in the World:

Darryl Hansome is passionate about serving his community. He lives his mission through action in the community. Envisioning a helpline for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender youth in Western North Carolina, he co-founded Youth OUTright, which provides education and community outreach. Recognizing needs of foster youth, Darryl, as counselor/mentor in UnderOneSky, helped to empower youth to author their own lives into adulthood. Being a hospice volunteer, Darryl supports end of life with dignity. In Big-Brothers, Big-Sisters, he and his Little Brother co-mentor each other. Darryl also introduced him into Journeyman, where Darryl champions men that nurture youth in Asheville and New England. Darryl is member of two groups that support MKP-initiated men: one of them who moved to Asheville under difficult life circumstances, and the other who is facing end-of-life decisions.

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Missions of Service

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Personal Mission:

To repair the world to be safe, connected and loving, by being aware, doing my work and relating to others.