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I know what ‘I DON’T want.’

  • NAME THEM. Get specific.
  • What is it that you don’t want …
  • I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be broke.
  • I don’t want to …

What are the BELIEFS beneath what you don’t want? (Have men name them, get them involved)

  • RE: I don’t want to be broke — I believe that there isn’t enough.
  • RE: I don’t want to be alone — I believe that relationship is hard.
  • Begin to interrogate your beliefs and dig in for the unconscious beliefs that keep you looking for (and FINDING) evidence for the reality that you now inhabit.

Am I willing to say YES to what IS – to stop being in denial of reality.

  • How do I create the space for ALL the reality and to examine it honestly and move from being a victim of circumstances to a creator of my reality.
  • How Can I explore (mission and emotional intelligence) the resistance to the current reality that I have created for myself in my world…

Am I open to receiving something NEW? I don’t DESERVE. I’m not WORTHY of receiving.

  • I am willing to let go of the belief that I don’t deserve to have what I actually want.
  • Before being READY to get what we think we want … How can we accept what is.

What do I WANT to create? GET SPECIFIC AGAIN. Envision what you WANT from this place!  

  • from CHOSEN beliefs and CHOSEN intentions lay out what is is that you want to say YES to in your life.
  • THEN take intentional measurable ACTION to create the vision you’re holding
  • Being in a men’s community can be an incredible practice space for creating reality.
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