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The ManKind Project is a global nonprofit organization with communities in 8 global regions [United States, Canada, United Kingdom, French Speaking Europe, German Speaking Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand]. Our International Organization supports growth in new areas across the world, helping men learn powerful skills for emotional intelligence and connect to a global community of self-aware men. We are currently supporting growing communities in Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, and Norway.


The ManKind Project USA is the largest global region and supports the technology and curriculum to help all our regions thrive. The ManKind Project USA is Member supported by men and women across the United States, men and women who believe that it's time to create healthy and proactive male community.



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I have nowhere found an organization devoted to men's issues that so deeply moves men to become the best human they can be ...

Missions of Service

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Personal Mission:

Create Alive Community through Compassionate Support.