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The New Warrior Training Adventure – the most recognized and respected modern initiation experience for men in the world (newwarriortraining.org). To date, over 60,000 men have attended this intense 48 hour experience. The ManKind Project conducts over 125 New Warrior Training Adventures [NWTAs] per year, relying on communities of men and volunteer staff for logistical support.

For Mental Health Professionals: When to refer a man.

WHAT HAPPENS ON THE ADVENTURE: This training is led by men certified by the ManKind Project with extensive experience in men’s transformational work. Each process of the weekend is overseen by a team of leaders, providing the highest level of safety and professionalism possible.

  • Separation – FRIDAY NIGHT: Moving away from the familiar. Team-building, individual and group exercises examine the modern male psyche: accountability, leadership, confrontation, competition.
  • Descent – SATURDAY MORNING: An exploration of authentic male emotion, conflict, purpose, and healthy power. Revisiting life history and stories. Connecting to what lies ahead.
  • Ordeal – SATURDAY AFTERNOON: A challenge to embody fully authentic masculinity, to step into power, to break through barriers, and to experience the full potential of mature manhood.
  • Initiation – SATURDAY NIGHT: Accepting responsibility as a man among men. Exploration of group dynamics, diversity and similarity. A test of solidarity and trust. A welcome into the circle of men.
  • Integration – SUNDAY MORNING: An exploration of legacy, connection, purpose, relationships and intention. Recognizing connections to nature and humanity.
  • Celebration – SUNDAY AFTERNOON: A feast of victory, affirmation, laughter, and community. Begin integrating the learning of the weekend. Wrap up and send-off.

Training averages $675 in the USA. Includes meals, materials, and accommodations.

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Men’s Peer-Facilitated Support Groups – Called “Integration Groups” or “I-Groups”, our circles help men deepen skills for conflict resolution, listening, emotional intelligence, goal achievement, and healthy boundary setting. I-Groups help men find and nurture a healthy, powerful and positive masculinity through the daily transitions of modern life. MKP serves a growing network of nearly 1000 peer support groups meeting weekly or biweekly, serving close to 10,000 men. I-Groups form the heart of our brotherhood, and are frequently open to visitors and guests. 

Primary Integration Training (PIT) – The PIT is an 8-10 week facilitated curriculum for men who have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure to learn and practice a variety of skills for effective peer-facilitated support groups and I-Group participation. Men who complete the PIT are prepared to be valuable participants in an I-Group or similar peer-support groups. Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

Primary Integration Training Intensive (PIT Intensive) – The PIT Intensive is an 2 day facilitated intensive curriculum for men who have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure to learn and practice a variety of skills for effective peer-facilitated support group and I-Group participation. The PIT Intensive condenses the curriculum into a 48 hour training that covers the fundamentals for building and maintaining a men’s support group. Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

New Warrior Training Adventure Leadership Training Curriculum – The ManKind Project has created a Leadership Training curriculum that empowers men to live with profound personal integrity and master a wide array of conscious leadership skills. Completion of all Leader Trainings, along with extensive mentoring, peer evaluation, and facilitation experience are prerequisite to sitting for international certification as a New Warrior Training Adventure Leader.

The Certification track in the ManKind Project takes several years to complete and is geared toward empowering a diverse group of Leaders to facilitate dynamic experiential processes and to lead teams of men to orchestrate complex multi-day residential programs.

ST1 – Staff Training 1: Dissecting the flow and processes of the New Warrior Training Adventure, men take a deeper look at the archetypes at the heart of our work. Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

ST2 – Staff Training 2: A deeper examination of the central personal process work on the New Warrior Training Adventure. Multicultural training on racism. Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

LT1 – Leader Training 1: Learning to lead groups and build strong teams with positive interpersonal relationships. Multicultural awareness training on heterosexism. Seven week follow-up training. Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

LT2 – Leader Training 2: Holding and handling the burden of leadership. Multicultural training on classism / elitism. ‘Whatever it Takes’ follow-up group. Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

LT3 – Leader Training 3: Examining the predator and victim within us as leaders. Creating safety. Multicultural training on sexism. Seven week integration training. Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

Individual Global Regions offer a number of additional training opportunities – both in person and online.  See regional websites for additional information.  

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