The 35th Anniversary Celebration Replay

The ManKind Project®

Changing the world one man at a time.® Since 1985.

4 April 2020 – Saturday Webinar Replay

Saturday & Sunday’s presentations and speakers are available here from the LiveStream!
Additional edited versions will be available in the coming weeks.

Thank you. We offer a deep and humble bow to the over 300 people who joined us from around the world for this celebration. Though we can’t fully convey the feeling of the connection we created together in the breakout rooms before and after the webinar, please sense the love, gratitude, and support created in the circle.

5 April 2020 – Sunday Webinar Replay

Sunday’s presentations and speakers are available here! Additional edited versions will be available in the coming weeks.

Founder’s Circle of Honor

Class of 2020

  • Christophe Depierre  “Loup Vivant” (April 1997, UK & Ireland)
  • Carl Griesser “Wonderlion” (February 1997, Northwest)
  • Joe Laur  “Godsdog” (June 1988, Chicago)
  • Jon Levitt “Four Animals” (April 1992, Chicago)
  • Les Sinclair  “Dingo” (August 1991, San Diego)
  • Tony Wilkinson “Good-Enough Horse” (Dec 2000, UK & Ireland)


Offerings … please feel free to enjoy.

This song offering is from a brother in Northern California, Joshua Lowe. Shared with permission.

A Meditation – “Inner Self On Country” – From Bernard Kelly Edwards, Yuggir (Dolphin) Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia Gumbaynggirr Tribe

What Does the NWTA Mean to You?

One of our deepest sorrows is that we won’t be able to hang out in person with the founders, Rich Tosi (pictured) and Bill Kauth. In response, Rich Tosi asked that we collectively share stories, images, and letters expressing what the New Warrior Training Adventure and the ManKind Project have meant to us. We’ve set up a page where you can go and upload your letters, images, and memories for Rich and Bill to have.




‘I Dream of…’

Share Your Vision of the ManKind Project

With another easy to use piece of technology, Jamboard, we invite you to leave a note or two about what you dream of for the ManKind Project in the coming years. Dream big! We know that there are lots of perspectives in the ManKind Project. The beauty our brotherhood is that we can embrace the paradox.



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