Institutional Stance on Abuse

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Institutional Stand on Abuse

This is not a prescription. This is statement of vision for a global men’s institution. It is a declaration of our highest ideals and intentions for the world and for ourselves.


The Mankind Project International Adopts An Institutional Stance Against Abuse. Adopted by the ManKind Project International Project Council – February 2009

We define abuse as behavior in which physical violence, emotional coercion, or improper use of authority is used to gain or maintain power, control, or sex in any relationship.

We recognize the deep personal impacts and cultural damage caused by patterns of abuse. As men involved in the ManKind Project, we work to transcend abusive ways of being for men. We consciously work to end abuse in every aspect of society. We begin with ourselves.

As men, we practice the values of integrity, compassion, accountability and respect. We stand up for the human needs of love and connection without abuse. To realize our vision and change the world by creating safe circles and vibrant communities, we take responsibility for ending the cycles of abuse in our families, our communities, and our world. We work to fully integrate our core values into our lives.

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