Connecting to Authentic Emotion

Human beings are born with the extraordinary capacity to experience a full range of emotions. We have evolved through connection, empathy, and relationship. And yet, many of us have been taught to over-value thinking and to de-value our emotional lives.

We have been desensitized, socialized to see vulnerability as weakness, taught to endure pain without complaint, and told that it is an honor to sacrifice our bodies for society. As a result, many men suffer from isolation and are prone to addictions and to acting out their feelings in dysfunctional ways. Many are afraid of intimacy, both with men and with women. They hide behind masks that are brittle and in need of repair.

A lot of men are sad, lonely, frightened, angry, and ashamed, and don’t even know it.

And with the loss of their feelings, they also lose what is most precious to them: Their ability to value their world, nurture meaningful relationships, and to hold life dear.

Other men know their feelings perhaps too well.

They have learned to indulge in their feelings and use them to manipulate others, often the ones they love most. They lack the ability to stand in their own authenticity, moderate their reactions, or take other perspectives. Lost in their feelings, they too lose what is most precious to them: Their ability to be trusted and loved.

There is another way.

The ManKind Project’s men’s groups and trainings help men re-discover their emotions with their feet on the ground. They begin to learn to clarify what they’re feeling and to express those feelings directly and authentically, taking full responsibility for their emotional lives. They begin to learn to balance the depth of the heart with the wisdom of the mind. From this place, they build and nurture more clarity, compassion, and relational ability. If this kind of authenticity sounds attractive to you, the NWTA may be for you.


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