12 of 12 – Barry Friedman

Name: Barry Friedman
Lives: Grass Valley, CA
Initiated: Feb 2008

Wait a minute – I’m the guy who conducts the interviews – what’s going on here?!?!

I called a man named Boysen Hodgson, Communications Director at the Mankind Project, because I wanted to interview him for this series – and he turned on me.  In a wild, uninhibited act of creating his vision, he asked if he could interview me instead.

I folded…and here is the result.

Today you’ll hear about my life as a comedian/juggler, gypsy traveler, and living a life highly out of integrity.

You’ll also hear about my big turn around and how that’s working out.

Download the MP3 (Right Click | Save As)

And here is Barry hard at work!

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