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About the Interviewer

These interviews (except for the last one) were conducted by a truly fun, funny, and purpose-driven New Warrior in Northern California – Barry Friedman. Barry helps people all over the world change their lives by changing their diet. You might get a different idea from this picture. Before this incredible mission to help people break free from sugar, he was a world champion juggler. Enjoy. 

1 of 12 – Richard Winters

Name: Richard Winters
Lives: Grass Valley, CA
Initiated: 2005

High school teacher. Stage actor. Father of three. In this interview, Richard says that it is hard to remember what is life was like before the NWTA weekend. What he knows for sure is that he is a much more honest man who is no longer hiding behind humor, sarcasicm, or silliness. The NWTA has given him tools that enable him to deal with his kids on a much deeper, genuine level.

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