Men’s Circles, What do they Offer?” was recently published in the German online magazine Gedankenwelt. The article describes a number of benefits of attending a men’s group and also outlines the many cultural forces that are driving the growth and development of the movement. The world continues to change, and men have a role to play in helping to shape this evolution for the health and well-being of all people. In order to be most effective and meet the new and changing needs of our society, we can choose to take responsibility for healing ourselves, and building a healthy male culture for all kinds of men. Our current reality, for many men, is one of pain, disconnection, and lack of purpose. This reality has broad impacts not only on men, but on the workplaces, families, and communities they inhabit.

As a result, many men faced with these expectations of male roles feel isolated and lonely. As a result, they are exposed to a reality where there is no emotional honesty and where vulnerability and vulnerability often turn into anger. All of this then leads to health problems.

The ManKind Project is recognized as one of the leaders in the space of helping to bring men together to face the challenges and embrace healthy solutions.

The dynamics and benefits that men can find in these circles are as follows:

  • To be listened to by other men with respect and empathy without being judged or condemned in any way.

  • They learn how to express their emotions, feelings, fears and painful experiences and how to share them with others.

  • Working on your own identity and self-concept.

  • They also learn to ask for help and advice .

  • The formation of a community that supports each other.

  • The men learn to listen to others in a sensitive way.

  • In addition, they can open up to their own vulnerability and vulnerability .

  • You gain greater confidence.

  • Important goals become clearer.

  • The men develop more commitment in dealing with themselves and others. As a result, they also take responsibility to treat their own feelings and needs with respect and to fully accept them.

  • In addition, important aspects of masculinity are ultimately redefined and updated in men’s circles.

Interessanterweise gibt es diesbezüglich auch in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika eine lange Tradition. Die gemeinnützige Organisation ManKind Project befasst sich seit mehr als 30 Jahren mit der Unterstützung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung von Männern. Außerdem hat diese Organisation viele Niederlassungen in fast allen Teilen der Welt.

We’re proud to have a flourishing community in Germany, and a growing presence in other parts of eastern Europe.

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