All we need is $5,000 in Individual Contributions from 20 US CENTERS.

The door is open to re-create MKP-USA for the 21st Century.
Consolidation is the vehicle; Fund the Plan will provide the first tank of gas.

$300,000 of the $400,000 needed has already been raised!

David Kaar – who many of you know suffered a tremendous accident last week while hiking – has been back on the phone from his hospital bed after two surgeries. His quote of the day … “I’m in here working on Fund the Plan with a reconstructed shoulder and metal screws in my elbow … what’s your excuse?”

WE NEED YOUR HELP to finish the job!

NOW IS THE TIME! This is NEW Warrior Work!!

Set a goal in YOUR CENTER to raise $5,000 for Fund the Plan. Kentucky, Wisconsin, Central Plains and New England have already put THAT stake in the ground.
Are you a man with $10,000 to give as a tax-deductible legacy to support the emotional health and recreation of a safer society for men and women? Now is the time. View the donor prospectus for more info.

Has YOUR Center made the commitment? Find out how your Center is doing by following this Link.
Follow this link to make YOUR CONTRIBUTION by PayPal – Fast, Safe and Simple.

are waiting.

Our Granddaughters
Are watching.

Mike Elser, Fund the Plan
Soaring Eagle

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