A message from Daniel Nepia, Community Director for the ManKind Project New Zealand on the day of the Christchurch terrorist attack. 

New Zealand tragically lost its innocence today. We are not so much in a state of shock but in a state of profound sorrow.

How could praying innocent men, women and children be cut down in such a horrific way with no regard for life? The inhuman perpetrators are the face of pure evil the like of which our island paradise has not experienced in modern times. It’s hard for all of us, living in a country like ours protected by our geography at the bottom of the South Pacific to get our heads around what has happened in Christchurch in the past 24 hours. We now know in our guts, hate has no borders. 

What it has done is changed this country forever, we are no longer isolated from the evils of the world, we’ve tasted it and it feels like pain.

This is too horrific to rationalize with thought. For today as a nation we stand with the families who lost their loved ones and wail for what has been taken from us. 

Next weekend MKP NZ will conduct a New Warrior Training Adventure. For all that is decent and respectful in a rapidly changing world, we will rise up for love.

Ready, vigilant, resilient, angry and sad – out

Daniel Nepia

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