I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
I awoke and to my sorrow I discovered it was service
I opened my heart and my service became my joy.

Thank you to the many men that have welcomed me into this role. Thank you for the tremendous work that James Dougherty and his firm Larsen and Rosenberger and our bookkeeper, Michael Bailey have performed in bringing our internal processes the long distance from distress and relative disorder in 2010 to a continuously increasing level of organization, clarity and stability. The vast majority of men will never know the intensity and duration of effort that was required to do the work that was done in 2011.

This year, MKP USA Finance will stretch deeper into the affirmation, “As mature and financially responsible men, we are the wise and transparent fathers we have been waiting for.” All of us together and no one of us alone.

In visiting with men from many centers in the last few months, I have heard many questions surrounding MKP USA Finance.

They include:
· Is MKP USA operating in financial integrity?

· How do MKP USA controls and oversight work?

· Who works on MKP USA finances and what are their responsibilities? How much work is there?

· What is the status of Fund the Plan? Is MKP USA in integrity with that set of financial agreements? What Fund the Plan dollars are being invested in 2012 and how?

· Why does MKP USA seek contributions and what percentage of operations are funded by contributions, membership and similar efforts?

· Is MKP USA in integrity with our agreements with MKPI?

· Is MKP USA in integrity with our agreements with the Centers?

· What is the status of the Diversity Scholarship Funds held by MKPUSA?

· What is the status of the Multicultural Committee and Elder Funds held by MKPUSA?

· Does MKP USA have enough money to operate?

· Is MKP USA wasting money? What do we pay for and why? What is the 2012 budget and why?

· What are MKP USA’s financial results from 2011?

As Interim Finance Director, my intention in this role is to answer these and more questions a few at a time in a series of communications to you over the next few months. I will also be visiting centers as time allows (self funded) to clarify when and as needed. There is a lot of good news in the answers that are to come. Thousands of professional and volunteer hours have been invested in MKP USA in 2011 and the progress that has been made is quite favorable. For now, I report that we are either current, or making responsible arrangements to be current in all of our obligations and will strive toward the standard of staying current and accountable as we move forward. There is much to do in 2012 to shepherd and build upon that stability.

This organization is remarkable and deserves to have a remarkable and well communicated financial infrastructure.
I look forward to sharing more soon.
Jon Levitt

MKP USA Interim Finance Director
MKP USA Lifetime Member
April 1992 – Chicago (Haimowoods)

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