Mike Elser, MKP USA Chairman

A TOAST to 2013

It takes but one voice, one instrument, to begin a symphony; if the melody is powerful enough, if the words reach close enough to the heart, more voices will join in. The power of a symphony is awesome.

I believe that MKP USA is that one voice for men – singing the song of what it can mean to be a mature, authentic and wide awake man in modern times – robust, joyful, vital, vibrant, powerful, accountable, fearless, committed  – and above all – loving.  Loving is the KEY.  Loving in joy and loving in pain, loving in sorrow and loving in life.

Can there be any doubt that the time for men to sing this particular song is NOW?  Is there any doubt that NOW is the time for men to grow up completely and wake up thoroughly, to give voice and take action to meet the needs of our world?

The time is NOW.  The WORLD needs more than a few good men – the world needs you. If you are a man ready to accelerate your journey as a man among men then I invite you to look into the ManKind Project.  If you are a man ready to take your seat as a man among men in a powerful circle of men then I invite you to look into the ManKind Project.  If you are a man ready to bring your special talent and mission to the world, then I invite you to contact the MKP USA.

My Toast is this:

For my grandchildren and yours, may 2013 be the year when MKP USA realizes the prophesy Robert Moore made in 1995 at an early meeting of the ManKind Project:

“…  in the later years of the 20th Century,  a small band of men of different races, from different walks of life, woke up. They looked around and they saw what time it was and knew how desperate the situation was and how bad the odds were that they could do the work that needed to be done.   Nevertheless they said yes to this challenge, and children, though we cannot remember their names, we are eternally grateful to them.”

It takes but one voice to begin a symphony; our melody is powerful and our story can reach even the hardest heart.  Friedrich Schiller captured the mood in 1785 when he wrote the “Ode to Joy”; Beethoven wrote the symphony.  I invite you to watch this video.  Then I invite you to add your voice to the voices men and women around the world who are joining the ManKind Project.

Blessings on our Journey Together in 2013

Mike Elser

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