Gliding Caribou

USA • Southeast

Allen Pulsifer Doyle

2019, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a loving and safe home by nurturing connection, embracing challenge, and revering nature.

Allen’s motto is “Think Upstream,” and he looks to source issues to resolve problems downriver. Working the University of California (until 2018) he innovated resource and energy conservation programs, Energy Star and institutional procurement.

Allen’s main work is restoring his marriage, while satisfying the fulfillment he gets from empowering others. Allen leads and listens as Chair of a foundation, an energy and resource-efficiency champion, MKP Southeast officer and Earth Steward developer, hike leader and advocating for a neighborhood woodland.
Married 31 years with 3 grown children, Allen is grateful for his partner’s devotion and patience. He is a soil scientist and sustainability champion from New England, Alaska, California, and now Georgia, volunteering with support groups, running and hiking clubs, cooking and coaching, and always loving word play.

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