Black Lab
Chicago, USA

Anthony Ramirez Di Vittorio

2013, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world where father and son live in harmony, by mentoring youth into men of character.”

Di Vittorio created B.A.M. in 2001 while working as a school psychologist at Roberto Clemente High school. Youth Guidance’s B.A.M. (Becoming A Man™) program is a school-based counseling, mentoring, violence prevention and educational enrichment program that promotes social, emotional and behavioral competencies in at-risk male youth. B.A.M’s curriculum addresses six core values that relate to both personal and academic success: integrity, accountability, self-determination, positive anger expression, visionary goal-setting and respect for women. B.A.M has received national recognition from the White House, and is currently expanding to serve over 5,000 youth in Chicago.

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