USA • San Diego



Attila Tota

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of love, joy, beauty and abundance by remembering who I am and inspiring others to remember who they are.”

Attila was born in Hungary. His family escaped in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution. He grew up in San Diego and graduated from CSUSD with a business degree. He retired after 30 years in the Telecommunications industry. He has been leading the North San Diego chapter of Boys to Men for 13 years. 

In 2014, Dan developed an aggressive squamous cell carcinoma on his right arm. The surgeries and road to recovery were excruciating, but one week after his second surgery, he was back, observing the Boys to Men One Wave Challenge fundraising event and resumed his duties at Boys to Men with renewed vigor. 

While enduring all of this, Dan was also assisting his wife of 20 years, Lisa,  in her battle with breast cancer until her passing on November 11, 2022. Dan currently leads several in-school circles of boys as well as Mountain Adventure weekends.

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