Right now there are two powerful opportunities to help the ManKind Project make movies.

YourFacePine Ridge Oyate Alliance Video

In our continuing development of a video narrative for the historic Alliance between the ManKind Project and the Lakota Men’s and Women’s Oyate on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Frederick Marx is looking for a large number of New Warrior head shots that can be incorporated into the video in a rapid fire slideshow of men.


The video will not be used for any commercial purposes. In the ideal shot you’re the only face we see.  Your face will be full frame – from mid-neck to just above your head – and you’ll be staring directly into camera. Smiling not necessary.  Please note that sending your photo allows MKP USA, the Pine Ridge Lakota Oyate, and Warrior Films legal right to disseminate your photo in conjunction with this film wherever possible. Its primary purpose is to attract positive media attention. We are looking for men of all ages and ethnicities. The more diverse the better!

Heading to the Adventure

Man in suit with bag, on zebra crossingWhat does it look like when you’re leaving for the New Warrior Training Adventure?

We need short short (<10 second) clips of men packing and getting ready to leave for the New Warrior Training Adventure. (as participants or staff)

No acting or speaking required! We don’t need sound … only visuals. And we don’t have to see your face … you could show your hands, your back, your feet … If you have a newer smart-phone – the video you capture from your smart-phone is fine! (use high quality settings) You’ll need a little help getting the angles, but you could do this in 30 minutes and make a lasting and powerful impact! The more diverse the better!

Here are the kinds of scenes we’re looking for: (pick a couple and make it happen!)

  • Closing your laptop, putting away your tablet.
  • Leaving work.
  • Putting clothes in a bag.
  • Picking up your bag and heading for the door.
  • Hugging your wife, partner, husband, kids goodbye.
  • Closing the door behind you.
  • Carpool rolling up to your house.
  • Getting in the carpool car.
  • Getting in your car alone.
  • Saying HI to the guys in the carpool.
  • Pulling away from the house.
  • Riding in the car

Email me if you’re ready! Get brave, take a risk! (I can send you a drop box link to deposit video clips) communications@mkpusa.org


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