Nurturing Grandfather Buffalo
USA • Los Angeles

Bill Berry

2017, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world where grief and loss can be fully known by leading and teaching from the heart of sacred scriptures and doing my own work.”

In June of 2003, Bill founded the “Living from the Heart” community with the intention of bringing the kind of bio-energetic work that we do in MKP to the Christian community.  With skills that he learned in MKP, Bill has led over 300 weekends in 14 different formats and has helped more than 1,500 men and women. He is a gifted and intuitive facilitator.  He keeps the cost of his weekends to a minimum and allows people to attend for whatever they can afford. A large number of men have come through the NWTA as a result of Bill’s encouragement and teaching.  He says he never could have done all this without the change that experienced on his own weekend, and the work he has done on himself as a result. Bill’s work has had a monumental impact on the lives of very many men and women.

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