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Bill Newberry

2017, Ron Hering Awards

“Speaking MY Truth, I create Safety and Healing.”

Bill works as a Chemical Dependency Counselor with a specialty in Men’s Sexual Trauma that leads to addictions and mental health problems. He has worked with men and women. He has worked in a prison with men who have been sexually and physically abused. He spent 2 years working at the Grafton Correctional Institution Reintegration Center in a Therapeutic Community named “Stepping Stones.” This is a 12-18 month treatment program where incarcerated men live together in a dorm and participate in group therapy for 8-10 hours per day 5 days a week. He worked with men who have been sexually and physically abused. This is where Bill found that talking about his being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse formed his mission. He continues to work in his job as Chemical Dependency Counselor to help and connect with people with sexual trauma. Bill is looking to start a prison program in Ohio similar to Jericho Circle Project.


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