Playful Lion
New England USA

Brian Renard

2015, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a loving world by opening my heart, being authentic and being of service.”  

Brian had a personal history in an abusive relationship, and in evaluating his mission he had a vision of coordinating a march to draw attention to the need to end domestic and sexual violence. Early in his adult life he had worked with Independence House, whose mission is to promote safe and healthy relationships. Brian inspired his Bravehearts IGroup to help organize and coordinate this “No More Men’s March” as both a peace march and a fund-raiser for Independence House. Brian’s vision came to fruition on May 31, 2015 in the streets of Hyannis, Ma. Over 100 people marched with New England MKP men and Independence House to share their message to end violence. Several prominent speakers spoke at the post march rally. Brian’s vision has now become a national MKP USA focus for Community mission service. The 2016 Men’s March is already planned – join Brian there! 

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