The ManKind Project USA is now in a period of growth and change.  We are upgrading communications, business systems and governance to better serve MKP communities across the country.  This will result in better support for I-Groups, improved enrollment, more recognition of missions of service, and broader recognition and credibility for the work we offer.To help support these important outcomes, MKP-USA has launched a 3-part fundraising program.  The three components—Membership, Foundation Builders and Chairman’s Campaign—are all currently getting under way.

MKP USA Membership – creating a culture of commitment for all those who stand by our values of of integrity, authenticity, inclusivity, generosity and emotional intelligence. Membership in MKP USA is about joining an army of men and women across the country who want to positively impact the lives of men. It is a belief in the power of the work that we do with men. It is also a vitally important shift toward a member-supported funding model so that we can adapt to new realities in the world of weekend trainings. We ask a contribution of $125 per year. Some men will give more. Some will give less. We thank you for your Membership. Learn more:

Foundation Builders – the continuation of our highly successful Fund the Plan Campaign – Building a sustainable future for the investments we are already making in core infrastructure across the project – our staff, our curriculum and our technology. Foundation Builders support MKP with a monthly donation of $25 or more over a 60 month period. Learn more:

Chairman’s Campaign – a capital investment in the future of our vision as the premier men’s training and community building organization in the United States. The Chairman’s Campaign is for those men who want to create a legacy with their support. It is a campaign for men among us who have created abundant wealth that they wish to use to benefit many thousands of men, women and children across the continent – people just like themselves, who will find a home in the ManKind Project. Learn more:

An important part of all these fundraising programs, and the other work we do at MKP-USA, is continual feedback loop.  Your feedback is important.  Please let us know what is working, what is not working, and how we can improve. Share your brilliance here:


The Plan is in Progess

As part of the Fund the Plan effort, MKP-USA made a commitment to share with you how the money we raised together in late 2010 and early 2011 under Fund the Plan is being deployed.

First and foremost, I am writing to confirm to you that disbursements are being made in accordance with the Fund the Plan guidelines and procedures.  The Fund the Plan Team led by Trustee Russell Kramp, and the MKP-USA Finance Committee including the watchful eye of James Dougherty and his firm have monitored and will continue to monitor the responsible disbursements of these funds.  The overwhelming majority of these funds remain in the Fund the Plan account and are drawn at the beginning of each month in which a valid, congruent FTP expense will be accrued.

In the spirit of transparency, two Fund the Plan Donors requested that a portion of their Fund the Plan Donations totaling thirty thousand dollars be advanced to MKP-USA to allow outstanding expenses to be paid sooner than they otherwise would have been.  MKP-USA agreed and has a commitment to those men to replenish the advanced monies in February 2012 and specific steps have already been taken to accomplish this goal.

The first three disbursements from Fund the Plan in July, August and September have been for the Executive Director, Marketing Director, Development Director, CiviCRM platform and Accounting roles.

Our thanks go out to the many men across the organization that volunteer their time, love, effort and attention alongside our outstanding staff to fulfill the promise of what MKP-USA is, and what it will become.

Our grandsons are waiting … our granddaughters are watching.

Blessings men!

David Lang
Executive Director, MKP USA

David Bauerly
Chairman, MKP USA

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