Help reach out to the 40,000+ men who have done the NWTA.

Our community is built on the connections between men, the relationships and bonds formed. We want to keep those connections alive. Sometimes men simply drift away. We’re setting an intention to keep the lines open, to keep our hearts and doors open. We will be reaching out to our brothers and checking in with them.

Often, the simple act of making a phone call will be enough to make a difference in a man’s life. And often these men will remember the gifts they got in this community and make a choice to reconnect.

Together, we make a difference.

Just 2 hours of your time can help make a huge difference!

Outreach Calls:

  • Create Stronger relationship with our brothers.
  • Help men get back into I-groups, staff, or invite men to do the weekend.
  • Reconnect men with the gift they received on their weekend.
  • Inspire men to support the healing work we are doing in the world.
  • Help build stronger local communities.

When: April 27th – May 5th.

All you need is a computer with internet access and a phone.

If you can commit to 2 hours sometime that week contact:

Dan Baldwin

MKP USA Membership Coordinator


PS. Check out what Membership has made possible!

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