Mike Elser

As we move into February, I invite us all to take a moment and BREATHE.  Let’s take in the victories of the past month.  For some of you this is year 2 or 3 as a Center Director.  For many others this is the the end of MONTH ONE!  BREATHE! Here are some of our collective victories.Here is what happened in January as a result of the the partnership between MKP USA National and the 32 MKP USA Centers


THE TIME IS NOW!  An Invitation of UNIFY!!A mentor of mine always stressed the importance of making every occasion a great occasion.  TODAY is a great occasion.  Why today?  Because after more than three years of work starting from ACT I in 2008/9 and through the passionate work of hundreds of men working hundreds of hours, I can tell you today that next week you will be receiving AN INVITATION TO UNIFY.  Watch for it in the mail.  I find it hard to express to you the joy that I feel in communicating that information to you.  It is time to begin.  THE TIME IS NOW!  Who is going to be first?  Who is going to lead the way?  Who are the ADVENTURERS today?  


The Paradox of Membership – MKP USA and its affiliated Centers completed their first month of “the First 100 Campaign” AND we sit in the paradox.
Membership is about Membership – Membership in MKP USA is about being part of something bigger than you and me; it is about standing up and joining the growing army of men who want to bring the gift of MKP and men’s work to the world.  The army is indeed growing with 73 new members in January alone.  We have seen membership growth of 16%+  since September. The best news of all is that the RATE OF GROWTH has increased in every month! The excitement that Members (both New Warriors and our supporters) are bringing is spreading and leading to some amazing developments in MKP USA Centers.

Membership is about Support – If we are members and we want to bring men’s work to the world then we will understand that it will take money to accomplish that goal.  Men (and women!) are being generous once again.  A group of donors has created a matching pool of more that $40,000 for all contributions going through the Membership portal.  169 people, including the 73 new members, contributed more than $20,000 in January.  With the $.50 on the $1.00 matching fund and the 50/50 split, this means that in a few days several Centers will be receiving checks of several thousands of dollars.  The total of all checks being sent out is more than $15,000.  This is the power of Membership. Is your Center working Membership?

MKP USA Council

The 2012 MKP USA Council (made up of representatives from every Constituency as well as representatives from the Center Council and the MKP USA Board of Directors) had their first meetings in January.  In addition to forming the various committees of volunteers necessary to run a volunteer organization like MKP USA, the MKP USA Council is developing a STRATEGIC PLAN that will focus on 4 critical paths:
  1. Consolidate and Unify
  2. Create a culture of abundance through the wise implementation of a Membership program, robust communications and well thought out development efforts.
  3. Create a well thought out Strategic Plan filled with SMART goals and an organizational structure that effectively combines the power of a small cadre of paid professionals with a vast volunteer army of passionate New Warrior Brothers ready to help execute the plan..
  4. Bring trainings on line that address the Transitions in a Man’s Life and begin the process of developing “the next level” training.

MKP USA Finances

Thanks to over a year of hard work by the Finance Committee and James Dougherty (our previous FO, who is still with us as an advisor / auditor), we have a clearer and more accurate understanding of our financial position than ever before.MKP USA hired Jon Levitt as the interim Financial Director. In partnership with the MKP USA Finance Committee, Jon has begun publishing a series of articles covering the various aspects of the inner workings of MKP USA finances.  Maybe you have already read his first article. The goal is complete transparency.  There is a great story to tell.

MKP Insurance Umbrella

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Finance Committee and an expert professional risk analyst (who is also a New Warrior), remarkable progress was made in leading the effort to create a GLOBAL INSURANCE UMBRELLA. This new effort will give us more protection, in more ways, at less cost. Your Center is playing a critical role in that process by providing information on leases, site contracts etc. Help us by reviewing and submitting all critical information.

The Call Growing Louder

Chicago and Colorado both held highly notable NWTA’s this month. Chicago initiated 22 men and Colorado initiated 42 men.  The time to start inviting men to initiation is NOW!  Congratulations to Colorado, Chicago and Wisconsin. The ManKind Project’s profile in the culture and positive regard as a Leader in men’s training programs is growing – and our enrollment is beginning to reflect this shift.

Thank you

Men are working hard;  YOU are working hard.  TOGETHER we are all working to bring the gift that is MKP and men’s work to the world.  While there is much work in front of us let us take time to BREATHE IN all that we have accomplished, together, in just one month!  Let’s taste the victory.And then lets again look to the top of the mountain we have yet to climb!

Our Grandsons are waiting

Our Grandaughters are watching

Blessings on our Journey Together


Mike Elser, Chairman MKP USA
Charter Lifetime Member
MKP USA/New England Center

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