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The ManKind Project

Volume 1: Issue 8

February 10, 2011


A Rundown of new books by MKP Men – WOW!
MKP USA – Diversity Scholarship Fund
News from MKP USA
‘the Work’ is happening all the time – a story from Chicago
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Get on your bikes and ride!


471 Miles of open road, the camaraderie of New Warriors, the spirit of fun and connection. NOW is the time to start getting ready for Ragbrai. New Warriors will come from across the country to join forces in support of each other and MKP USA.

Men are registering now and joining the ManKind Project Team for Ragbrai. Join the MKP Ragbrai Mail List: Click here.

Join us for our next conference call on Thursday February 16 at 8pm EST. Call (712) 432-0800 code: 227364.

New Warrior Writers

New Warriors are publishing books – REALLY GREAT BOOKS! We have so many powerful experts in our Membership – it’s something we can be really proud of! Grab a couple of great reads! Many more available at the ManKind Project AMAZON books store.

"Mind Work; Shedding Delusions on the Path to the Creative Core" – Peter Clothier – Clothier is an accomplished author with several books already on our lists. His prose is beautiful. His insights are stunning.

"Awakening the New Masculine; the path of the Integral Warrior" – Gary Stamper – Mythopoetics, meet Integral theory – and breathe it in!

"Sacred Economics" – Charles Eisenstein – A deeply researched volume on the many changes happening in our economic system. Eisenstein presents a case for a massive paradigm shift and a movement toward a "Gift" Economy.

"We Need Each Other" – Zoe Alowan & Bill Kauth – Kauth and Alowan present a clear path to creating ‘gift communities’. A great read.

"A New Conversation with Men" – Michael Taylor – Taylor’s personal story of self-realization is a powerful recommendation for a new way of living as a man in the world.

"The Opening" – Ron Savarese – A novel about spirit.Savarese has been getting great reviews on his book. It’s a beautiful and surprising read.

"Leadersh*t; Rethinking the true path to great leading" – Foster Mobley – Have you ever read a hard edge business leadership book that starts with a description of a lodge ceremony and an honoring of a ManKind Project Elder? HERE IT IS.

Bringing the Gift to All Men


There are men in MKP USA who have taken a stand for helping diverse men (especially African American, Latino and Native American men) attend the New Warrior Training Adventure. The founder of this scholarship fund has committed to an annual donation of $2000 in ‘seed’ money during his lifetime.

Diversity Scholarship Fund.

Already in 2012 the scholarship has helped 14 men make it to the NWTA. This is great news, AND it means that this fund needs to be supported.

Are you dedicated to diversity in MKP? Are you willing to help more diverse men make it to the New Warrior Training Adventure? You can help by contributing to the fund.


News from MKP USA – the Financial Director and the MKP USA Chairman

On Financial Integrity for MKP USA

by Jon Levitt, Interim Financial Director

Is MKP USA operating in financial integrity?

Yes and increasingly every day. MKP USA controls and oversight standards include:

  • Multiple signatures and disbursement controls via to ensure that dollars are spent for approved purposes only
  • Oversight by a regional accounting firm in California and audited by a second firm in Illinois 
  • AND many more …

Was this always the case and if no, how were we out of integrity?  What have we done or are we doing about it?
No it was not.

During and prior to the transition from MKP to the establishment of MKPI and MKP USA in 2010, a number of tasks were not completed or accounted for.
…


Check in with the MKP USA Chairman
by Mike Elser

I did the New Warrior Training Adventure seven years ago and became an initiated man; a man initiated into the work it takes to wake up and grow up.  I continue to do my work in circles of men.  However, I am also convinced that we need to bring this gift of men’s work and the ManKind Project to the world – for my children and grandchildren and yours.  
… read more at 

Kevin Roberts – Detroit New Warrior helps kids with ADHD


Kevin Roberts, a brother in the Detroit community, is an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder specialist.

He holds study sessions for high school students who have ADHD or other learning challenges after school at his home. His goal is help these students develop study skills and strategy that will help them achieve success in high school, college and beyond. Roberts’ home is a place for students to do their homework, study, learn test taking skills and to enjoy a little down time.

“I think one of the big lessons going on is we can succeed in school and still have some fun,” said Roberts. Roberts keeps the mood light.  However, when the students need to settle down and study, he makes sure they do. … read the rest of the story

Just for inspiration …

A story from Glenn Barker in Chicago about a ‘routine’ phone call with customer service. Read the story at the ManKind Project Journal.

theFirst100 – new video!

Membership Drive is happening! Check out the progress on the tracking page!

There is a new video on the MKP USA web site describing the details of the first 100 Campaign. Check it out to learn more and spread the word.

The Goal: 100 New Members in every US Center in the first 100 days of 2012.

The Incentive: a $40,000 matching fund.

The Invitation: ANYONE who supports our mission and vision is eligible for Membership in the ManKind Project USA!

Learn more …

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