King Black Crow
Colorado USA

Collin Irish

2015, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world in which every boy can face his journey to manhood with a group of mentors that have his back. To do this, I show up, without fail. I lead without prejudice, and I listen without judgment.”  

In 2003, shortly after completing NWTA, Collin Irish co-founded the Denver non-profit, Threshold Passages Inc. (TPI). Since then, he has staffed 12 initiation weekends for teenage boys. Collin has a passion for mentoring young men. Collin serves on the Board of Trustees as Program Manager for TPI. He recently strengthened ties with the Boys to Men Mentoring Network, by being elected to serve on the BTM-USA Board of Directors as chair of the Governance Committee. He brought the BTM school-based mentoring program to Colorado by introducing his pilot program into a Denver area middle school.

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