USA • Mid America, Louisville, KY



Craig Herink

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of sacred intimacy by embodying relentless empathy and rigorous honesty.”

Craig was initiated in Indiana in Nov. 1992 and was a founding member of Louisville community, serving as the first Center Director. He has remained active in I-Group, the Louisville Community, Kentucky Area, and Nationally for 30 years. He also gifted the name The ManKind Project to the former New Warrior Network in 1998. He became a Co-leader in 1996, a Leader in 1999 and Leader Trainer in 2001. He has staffed 114 NWTAs, 72 leader trainings internationally. Craig has been the chair of the Kentucky Area Leader Body on many occasions and continues to mentor men on leader track and their leadership. 

Craig continues to lead many trainings for warrior brothers. In 2020 he created and led;  Right Use of Privilege & Quota Co-gender, a 25 hour training for white men/women on using white privilege to address the the inequities and injustice due to racism in our culture. 

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