Screeching Osprey with Open Heart

USA • Northern California

Donavan Rae

2018, Ron Hering Awards

“I co-create a world of love and consciousness by being authentic and creating a safe place for others to do the same.”

Donavan is living his mission, with his family, his fellow employees, those around him  and his brothers and friends in MKP. His massive loving heart has become famous in Nor-Cal. He actively steps up to be in service to others in many different venues and continues to display his leadership in all areas. He mentors many men on their leadership path within MKP. He is bringing teachings through leadership to his Architecture and Engineering firm and is co-creating a progressive workplace where there is diversity and where emotions are welcome. Donavan works with the local contractors association in the planning and presentation of a senior pancake breakfast each year. His expertise as an engineer has brought him to be president of the Tahoe Engineers Association.  Being of true authentic service suits him and his path for the future.  
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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