Sensing Owl
USA • Philadelphia

Craig Lipman

2017, Ron Hering Awards

“I Co-Create an extraordinary world by embracing TATAS™”

A Man among Men of Service. Despite his preference of anonymity, he is known throughout the MKP Philly community for countless acts of generosity. He inspires joy, curiosity & wonder by the way he embraced life with two terminal illnesses. He also exemplified courage, tirelessly co-creating a world of peace by trusting and acknowledging feeling. Craig took his last breath in this world on December 19th, 2017. Craig Lipman’s exploration of life culminated in the TATAS™ framework that he created, through which he lived his life with Trust, Authenticity, Transparency, Acceptance and Safety. The model was a springboard for creating workshops and is now the subject of a book. This award is bestowed posthumously.


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