Cangleska Luta
(Red Spotted Hoop)
Central Plains USA

Dallas Chief Eagle

2015, Ron Hering Awards

“I feed my spirit and recognize and unite all the spirits around me.”

Dallas has been doing Hoop Dancing for many years. First, he started with his father, Dallas Chief Eagle, Sr. Later, with his son, Dallas, Jr. And now, he continues to hoop dance with his daughters, Star and Cina. He goes to schools, communities and city councils to share and speak about the HOOP OF LIFE. He also has been going into the Sioux Falls prison to meet with the natives. Dallas and his wife, Becky, have started a healing center “All Nations Training Center,” to bring healing to the men, women and children of Pine Ridge. They have held several trainings and weekend workshops for all ages to bring understanding and healing with the people. The training center is at the heart of the MKP USA Tatanka Alliance with the Pine Ridge Indigenous Men’s and Women’s Oyate. 

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