White Eagle

Canada • Alberta



Dan Erickson

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of harmony and peace through service and compassion.”

Dan volunteers at the Health Science Centre supporting staff. He also supports the National Microbiology Laboratory Wellness committee. He just finished an End-of-Life Doula program and will be volunteering service for terminal clients. Dan holds kingly energy through his amazing patience and gift of giving. He takes great pleasure supporting, learning and helping his Autistic grandson. His generosity is angelic as he always thinks of others before himself and gives not only of his time but helps those in need financially whenever he can. His eldership is such a gift through patience and a true understanding that all people matter. His lover energy is so beautiful as he not only takes care of family at a drop of a dime, but he lends his healings gift to many suffering from minor aches and pains to deep trauma and deadly cancer through Pranic healing and genuine deep caring. His magician comes to play when dealing with complex situations in family and career. The nominator truly believes Dan is a gift from above, doing amazing things and living his mission and it will be a blessing to have him collect this award. Deep love and admiration for a truly gifted man.


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