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Daniel Scruggs

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“I share musical instruments and culture to educate, inspire and unite.”

Daniel Scruggs uses his gifts as a professional musician, world traveler and cultural educator to educate, inspire and unite. He has shared his PEACE CULTURE MUSIC program in pre-schools, grade schools, colleges, hospitals, retirement communities, with students with special needs and learning disabilities, refugees from war torn countries, on two Native American reservations and with hundreds of educators and thousands of children throughout seven countries. Daniel has collaborated with humanitarian organizations in the developing world and volunteers in high-risk, underserved communities in the USA to offer free cultural education programs, produce concerts and build resource centers equipped with hi-quality instruments and free music lessons. Daniel’s goal is to show up as the teacher he wished he had as a child; safe, caring, compassionate, accountable, and fun.  The PEACE CULTURE MUSIC program features over 150 musical instruments from six continents, shared interactively, with emphasis on the universal importance of story, tradition, language, geographical literacy and peace. 

Daniel uses his love and passion for music and culture to bring people together. He is committed to using these gifts to uplift and connect people from all ages and backgrounds. 

Daniel Scruggs is a world citizen, professional musician and experienced educator who is on a mission to educate, inspire and unite.  He has traveled extensively throughout our world as a student and educator of human cultures and global music making traditions. He created the interactive enrichment program PEACE CULTURE MUSIC to share these experiences, increase intercultural understanding and promote peace. 


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