Grief Walker

Canada • Alberta

David Buffalo

2019, Ron Hering Awards

“I am a brave and courageous man painting the wondrous world and my people are my canvas.

Dave was unhappy with the degree of exclusion within his community of Maskwacis so began to do what he could to impact on marginalization of people. In 2010 he began to volunteer with Samson Band schools. Since then he has volunteered with the Samson Food Bank, Secret Santa, Samson Celebration (pow wow), 4 Winds culture, feasts & memorials, Buffalo Ranch Rodeo, and Moonias Family memorial. Currently, he lives in Wetaskiwin and is now volunteering with Wetaskiwin & District Heritage Society and The Wetaskiwin Legion. He is soon to be on the Board for the Agape Thrift Store and Community Outreach.

Dave is self-employed supporting himself through the talents of his artistry. He paints the stories of his Cree people in the art form he calls “tipi graffiti”. He usually offers an expressive arts workshop to his community (adults and children) three times a year.

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