Born To Be Wild Horse

Canada • Ontario



Denis Mercier

2020, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of balance and belonging by healing and teaching.”

Denis changes lives through his service. He’s been a Big Brother since 1995 and has had 3 “Littles” — including one who is now an initiated man. In addition to his Big Brothers work, Denis volunteers with his therapy dog ‘Rosie’ at a local retirement home. Denis has also volunteers his time with the local French community assisting them with the drafting of new legal documents/agreements for their facility.

Denis was initiated in November 2015 at Pearce Williams Camp Near London, Ontario and has has 9 NWTA staffings under his belt. Denis is a declared elder, an active member of the Ontario Elder Community, and sits on the board of directors as the Elder Representative. He has also served as the secretary of MKP Ontario Board.

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