Community Coordinator
Josh Egenolf

Incoming Community Coordinator    Trevor Draekson

2 I-Groups

52 NWTA Grads

5 New Grads in 2018

4 MKP USA supporting members

Developing Community • Bloomington, IN • MKP Mid America Area

Bill Kauth Award - 2018

MKP Bloomington is a place of passion and growth. 

A handful of men with passion took action in a small town in the midwest USA and had an incredible impact. Bloomington expanded from one I-Group to two. Through open circles, enrollment efforts, and community events they had 7 men attend the NWTA in 2018. They have 5 men preparing to staff the next Mid America NWTA with many men in their open I-Group wanting to attend.  

Bloomington hosts a guest speaker series, community activities that include women and children, and is involved in a mission project including one that supports a nonprofit organization empowering women to be financially independent.  

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