Community Coordinator
Wayne Bow

4 I-Groups

98 NWTA Grads

33 New Grads in 2019

8 MKP USA supporting members

Developing Community • Oahu, HI MKP Hawaii

Bill Kauth Award - 2019

Oahu is an example how great things happen when a small group of people have well defined purpose and vision.

In 2019 a core team from Oahu set out to host the first ever NWTA on Oahu Island. Paul McCurdy graciously offered his property and together with Brandon Green and others in the community, they spent countless hours preparing the land and gathering the materials necessary.

Patrick Morency, a 1st time staffer, was the weekend coordinator. He facilitated multiple open groups, and enrolled 17 men. In the end with the support of their two I-Groups they had 34 men graduate!

Through new brother engagement and community building efforts including trainings like PITS, IGFT’s, and support for I-Groups they expanded their I-Groups from 2 to 4 and have grown to become a sustaining community.  
















































































































































































































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