Efraín Anaya-Barrios

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of love and compassion through actions of service and contribution.”

Efraín’s motto is: ‘There is always time to give more’ and ‘Your life matters’. He has spent 25 years combatting discrimination, violence and human trafficking of girls, boys and adolescents, as well as providing support to groups of high and very high vulnerability, (raped women, single mothers, people with different capacities and the elderly), in marginalized zones of Mexico City. Thus guaranteeing security and the full exercise of human rights. 

Throughout his life, Effrain has worked in logistics, messaging, security, parcel delivery, and strategic planning and has participated in different social and Federal programs. He inherited his mother’s pride, rebelliousness and stubborn sense of raising standards. At University he studied Communication Sciences and Organizational Communication. He has studied many transformational processes and Human Development to serve others. Effrain initiated into MKP Mexico in April 2017 and is currently a Co-leader candidate.


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