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Don Goodeve

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of deep connection through fierce loving presence.”

I am 53, divorced (twice), a father of 2 Boys in their early 20s. I live with my partner of four years in a house we co-own in Campbell River. I earn a living as an Engineering Consultant and Coach; two careers which appear to becoming more closely entwined over time. I am devoting much of the rest of my time to the cause of waking up our society to the reality and imminent threat of the Climate Crisis. I have aligned myself with Extinction Rebellion as the best hope we have of causing the cultural shift required in time.

As a Coach – I work with individuals and organizations to recognize and transcend their shadows. I may use different language, but the MKP distinctions are an accurate description. In both cases I work to reflect to my clients how they are showing up, identify the presence of the shadows in the room and invite them into working past these into the fullness of their gold and possibility. Over time I have noticed my own shadows of ‘Who am I to?’ and ‘Not enough’ have given way to allow me to show up with passion and humor; the ‘fierceness’ of my mission to have the conversations needed to awaken others from their trance, and me from my own. As an Engineering Consultant I am valued for my skills; however getting the job done is all about people. Over time the two careers are becoming ever closer.

Which brings me to Extinction Rebellion. 

For my entire adult life I have been engaged with the subject of connection and relationships. I believe that the existential crisis which humanity faces is a crisis of connection. I have become disconnected from the natural world as a cultural shadow of the basis of life, the ‘environment’ as ‘other’ has come to dominate my world view. The creation of ‘other’ has allowed me to dismiss the sufferings of my fellow humanity. The distractions I have experienced have numbed me and I have allowed to create within me an experience of powerlessness. I believe this experience is shared by many. I sometimes experience the work of living to be so much that I do not spare time or thoughts for the others similarly caught. This existence of ‘othering’ and externalizing is, I believe, at the root of the predicament in which we find ourselves as humanity. Those who I perceive to hold to the connectedness and sacredness of all life and humanity continue to be marginalized and oppressed.

In the face of this, I experience waves of rage, despair, impotence. And I know that all that will make a difference is working through these experiences of fear back into the light of ‘fierce loving presence’. I have found allies that support me in this path. I know I cannot do it alone. 

I have yet to be arrested as an activist. I am ready to put my body on the line. I know many people who have done so many times and I am deep respect of the stand which they have taken against the mindless injustice of our way of living. Extinction Rebellion is based on the realization so well put by Margaret Mead in the MKP ‘Context’ piece, that the only thing that has ever changed the course of humanity is the actions of a small group of thoughtful committed people, acting from their conscience, from their heart to create a better future – a future beyond themselves. For the generations to come. With Extinction Rebellion it is non-violent and direct.

I am deeply concerned about our future. From my scientific training I understand a great deal of what has become increasingly obvious during the course of my lifetime. There is urgency to bending the course of history – and I am engaged in seeking out and working with others to create and join together in a social movement sufficient to the task of change. Realizing that no individual is to blame; that ultimately there is no fault, I have committed to a path of non-violence in doing so. The inspiration of Ghandi, Mandela, King and others is alive in this movement and is a source of strength.

I do not know that we can succeed. I see no alternative.

I am honoured that you see my commitment to this cause as reason for recognition. I hope through this nomination that I can further this cause and use the opportunity to extend the urgent call for taking a stand for our future throughout the Mankind Project.

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