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Ernest Patterson

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“As a man among men, I co-create a world of love by loving myself, my family and my fellow man unconditionally.”

Ernest Patterson, MS, LCDC is a Chemical Dependency Counselor in Houston Texas.  He has 19 years of experience in this field and is the recipient of the Elves Smith Counselor of the year award for the state of Texas, USA.  He is also an MKP full leader (since 2008) and has staffed 154 weekends, 64 as a full leader – including NWTAs in Australia and South Africa.  His team building skills were greatly enhanced from his years on the basketball court.  Ernest was drafted by the Chicago Bulls as a professional basketball player in 1983 out of New Mexico State University. Ernest, born in 1960, is married with two daughters.  He has a BA in Business Management and an MS in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University in Arizona, USA. Currently he is Program Director/Clinician with the Ethos Behavioral Health Group at the Lovett Clinic in Houston, Texas


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