Last week, we celebrated some truly spectacular news. David Lang will be stepping in to the Executive Director Role for MKP-USA on August 1, 2011. You can go and congratulate him HERE.

We also celebrated the success of the Fund the Plan Initiative. Bill Kauth has something to say about it. He made a video to share with us … celebrating some of our victories. He also offers some wonderful kudos to the men in the other seven geographical regions for their persistence and vision in helping to make MKP a truly global organization. You can watch the video here!

This week – the wild ride into the summer of 2011 is here!

CiviCRM Test run in Progress!


CiviCRM is the ‘Client Relationship Management’ software being implemented as our system for handling Membership, Donations and Connection Management. It’s a powerful system. This week marks a test-run for some of the system functionality, and a test run for the Foundation Builders Program. It’s a big step for us, and the man to thank right now is KEITH JARVIS. Keith has been working incredibly hard for months managing the implementation and even going to get training (which he paid for out of his own pocket!) Thank the Dog by commenting below.

ManKind Project Partners with Men’s Health Network for Men’s Health Month

Men's Health Month

Men's Health Month

The Men’s Health Network is national not-for-profit with global partners that does education and advocacy on many men’s health topics. Each year MHN works with multiple national organizations and the United States Congress to promote Men’s Health Week and Men’s Health Month. You can take action by Sponsoring a WEAR BLUE event in your Igroup, your men’s circle or in your community.

ManKind Project Partners with the Shift Network as a co-sponsor of the Ultimate Men’s Summit!

Ultimate Men's Summit

It’s a huge and exciting men’s event – a ten-day virtual seminar featuring more than 75 powerful leaders, including Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Michael Kimmel, John Friend, Jim Channon*, Jed Diamond*, Chris Kyle*, Michael Taylor*, Owen Marcus*, Rick Phillips*, and our own co-founder, Bill Kauth*. It begins Friday June 10th and runs through Sunday June 19th, Father’s Day. (*New Warriors! There are others!) You can sign up right here.

ManKind Project Partners with Evolving Wisdom as a co-sponsor of the Way of the Evolutionary Man Summit

Evolving Wisdom

Details aren’t firm for this conference yet … but we know that Bill Kauth will be speaking as an Evolutionary Luminary. More information will come as we have it.

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