The ManKind Project USA FALL MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN is underway.
It will run from September through the end of the year.

Our goal is have over 4,000 new or renewed annual members by the end of the year.

Why Membership? Because the time has come for us to fulfill the promise of what the ManKind Project is and can be for men, women, children, communities and the planet.

Membership and Mission:
Membership is about our mission … The mission of our NWTA – to empower men to missions of service.  Through connection with the ManKind Project, the world gets better fathers, husbands, partners, friends, and community members. The world needs our gift. We have a unique opportunity to share the gift of men’s initiation with the world.  To accomplish this, each of us need to do our part. We are New Warriors. Membership will provide the necessary resources to accomplish our goals.

The Gift of Membership:
Membership is fundamentally changing the way we support our organization. Instead of our new brothers paying for our organizational needs, the weight will be shared by the men in the organization.  It takes shadow out of our invitation and makes it a pure gift.

Membership directly benefits local communities. All Membership contributions are shared 50/50 with the local center chosen at the time of donation.

Membership will also reduce NWTA fees charged to centers.  This will allow centers the financial flexibility to provide enhanced scholarship pools, maintain current operations and invest in things that matter.

The Rationale for Membership:
Between 2009-2011, two Stanford Alumni Consulting Teams [ACT] conducted a rigorous analysis of our mission, our vision, and our organizational structure and funding. A group of 4-6 MBA’s, all with a history of building and running businesses, concluded that if they were to design a nonprofit guaranteed to fail – they would have created our model of 34 siloed nonprofit corporations.

It is a testament to the hearts of our men and the power of our mission that we exist today. One of the core recommendation of the Stanford ACT was that MKP move to a strong Membership based funding model.  Membership is the cornerstone of any successful nonprofit organization. Without it we will continue to burn out good men and have limited resources to accomplish our goals. We will remain stuck.

What is Membership:

  • Knowing our men and being in relationship
  • Loving our new brothers
  • Moving from a culture of ‘I / me / mine’ to a culture of ‘We / us / our’
  • A way for all people to be a part of the movement to a new way of being for men
  • Reducing NWTA Fees (Members not New Initiates)
  • Having thriving and sustainable local communities.
  • Having professional staff to meet the needs of the organization and the center.
  • Giving our gift to the world.

Go to to become a member or renew your membership.

Membership makes a difference. When like-minded individuals come together, powerful things happen. Membership is how we are becoming the incredible organization we are meant to be.

To learn more go to:

or contact:
Dan Maven Mustang Baldwin
Membership Coordinator MKPUSA

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