Sobonfu Some speaks eloquently about the value of grieving. (see the video) Grief is complex; sadness, anger, shame, fear, emptiness, even relief and joy.

In the 28 year history of our New Warrior community, we have lost many men, women, and family members. Often in our culture, it is difficult for men to freely express grief over the loss of a loved one. Some elders believe that our entire society suffers deeply from a lack of grieving. As New Warriors, we claim our full expression of emotions, including grief.

Please use the comment stream on this page to name those you honor with your grief. Perhaps by sharing our grief, we can create the space for others to grieve. By sharing our grief, we model a new way for men to confront loss in their lives. As the stories of our fallen brothers and sisters are shared, we will begin to create pages for them individually.

To share a memorial: please email to

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