Serpiente Guerrera

México • México City

Fernando Álvarez

2019, Ron Hering Awards

“Create a world of abundance and love.

A professional Psychologist devoted to protect Mexican children from child abuse and support of Trans children in elementary public schools, Fernando also works in Gender and sexual violence prevention. As Co-Director in “Sexual Wisdom”, he has designed and given experiential conferences and workshops for children, adolescents, teachers and parents, as well as organized and facilitated conferences on Child Sexuality and Prevention of Sexual Violence. Professor of the Diploma courses in the Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Prevention in government agencies, public and private school districts. He leads a self-help group for parents of Trans children.

At MKP México he conducts workshops on sexual shadow and healing for warrior brothers. He is a great dancer, his passion is traveling and tasting different cuisines. He shares his life with his partner Viviana.

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