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Subject:  2011 Federal Form 990 Tax Return for MKP USA and its Centers

Deliverable:  Complete all tabs of attached Center Information Request Spreadsheet and “Authorizing Inclusion” document.

Forms for Centers 2012 – 990

Deliverable Date:  June 15th, 2012

Thank you for doing all of things that make our Centers and organization the gift that it is in men’s lives. 

Background:  In our current configuration, MKP USA and its Centers comprise of over 30 separate 501c3 nonprofit corporations.  Each one of these corporations are required an extensive annual tax return referred to as Form 990.

I reached out to your Center’s Finance designee earlier this year to ensure your Center had up to date 2011 Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets.  Many thanks to those centers who submitted their Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements and are now prepared to complete this form.  Thanks also to centers who will now catch up quickly as the preparation of this returnmust occur.

Additional Background about Form 990:  Form 990 has become increasingly complex and lengthy over the last several years.  After some egregious behavior by the few in the nonprofit industry, the IRS has added substantial disclosures, checklists and inventories to the Form 990 to add transparency to not-for-profit corporation reporting to the IRS.

Group Exemption, How It Helps and What My Center Can Do To Participate: Many centers take advantage of a “group exemption” that the IRS offers to participate in MKP USA’s Form 990 tax return instead of over 30 centers filing over 30 separate Form 990 tax returns.  In order for MKP USA to do the many hours of work to combine information for centers taking advantage of the “group exemption,” MKP USA collects information from Centers on the attached spreadsheet by June 15th, 2011.

Centers need to complete the attached Center Information Request spreadsheet and document and submit to bookkeeper@mkpusa.org with a copy to finance@mkpusa.org to allow this process to happen.  The MKP USA finance staff will keep track of the receipt of these items on the attached “2011 990 Center Request Checklist”

What MKP USA has done to make it easier and better for my Center this year– MKP USA, through its Accountant, Larsen & Rosenberger, has prefilled the Yes/No portions of the Center Information Request form with the answers it believes are most likely to be correct for Centers.  Participating centers are responsible to review this information and to the best of their abilities, confirm the accuracy of the entries.

Additional Note:  In some tabs of the spreadsheet, you are asked to provide specific information like names of officers and so on.  These should be filled in with the officers on the Center Board.  MKP USA will take care of the national board and officers.

Centers electing to waive participation in the Group Return can indicate so by e-mailing bookkeeper@mkpusa.org with a copy to finance@mkpusa.org.  Waiving participation means that your Center will complete a Form 990 in its entirety for your Center on a standalone basis.

Future Impact of Unification:  Going forward, those centers that elect to unify with MKP USA (i.e., centers that have unified under MKP USA’s 501c3) will no longer need to complete this spreadsheet or a Form 990 as they will be part of MKP USA’s 501c3 and no longer a separate corporation.

Thank you,

Jon Levitt

Jon Levitt    

Finance Director
The ManKind Project USA
email: finance@mkpusa.org

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