Canada • Alberta



Floyd Baptiste

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“To be kind and loveable by helping people in society.”

Floyd, initiated in September 2017, is 31 years old and lives in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. He is a compassionate, caring, Indigenous man who always looks to help others in any way that he can. Floyd has volunteered at The Rock Soup Greenhouse & Foodbank as the Indigenous Liaison. He has worked with the vulnerable and houseless population in his community. His roles include, educating the public about Indigenous culture, providing outreach support for the houseless population, cultural needs and assessment, and providing equal opportunities for food security. At Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Floyd works with individuals to help them reach and maintain their sobriety. Sometimes he chairs meetings and other times he helps to set up and greet the guests! Other times, he attends for his self-care and wellbeing.


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