Pregnant Papa Seahorse

USA • Mid Atlantic Area



Frank Asher

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“Co-create a space or place by bringing people and plants together allowing this connection to benefit our environment as well as our culture.”

I created a company called Fairies’ Crossing that got started by guerrilla gardening in Dupont Circle in Washington DC. In my imagination, the fairies could cross into this world and return home safely through my garden space. I also owned an urban Nursery with the mission: “Bringing People and Plants together.” It was  known as the “GREEN BEATING HEART OF SHAW”. We hosted events for the DC State Fair, Several Community Organizations and Art and Performance Projects. We had native perennials, a bee hive, a worm bed and children’s classes to introduce the next generation to nature. This urban space also hosted meet ups for men from MKP and their loved ones. In 2018, I sold these businesses and retired. Since then, I have joined the Board of the Gilchrist Museum here in Cumberland MD. My soul’s purpose has been to elevate this garden for future visitors. Creating a smaller version of Longwood Gardens. It is so important to me that we honor the planet and encourage and support nature to do its best.


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