Canada • Ontario



Frank Verkley

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“To be present to myself so I can be present to others.”

Frank works to create ways for the planet to improve its ability to interact with itself, helping other people to the fullest development of themselves, so that all may share in the gifts and insights each brings to the fore.

Frank’s accomplishments include 20 years of singing and dancing for and with Alzheimer’s residents, and a lifetime of guitar playing for churches and venues. He has an album and written over 100 songs. He also promotes young local talent. He has published a seven-volume series of books at “Inner Child Press” publications. Titled “Frankly Inspired” Volume 1-7. They contain his photographs and inspirational writings. Each day he posts original photography and cartoons on Facebook to bring beauty and laughter into the world. He has three volumes of channelled messages that he shares with an extensive world audience. Frank continues to initiate the concept of doing for others to change the atmosphere of society towards more care and reciprocity. Holding a lifelong passion to bring awareness of what connects us, is what defines service.


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