Marc L’Cluse • Rock Owl
Jim Urgo • Flying Dragon
Malcolm Dydo • Guru on Wings of Fiery Dog
Jay Saber • Compassionate Saber Tooth Tiger
Luke Lehman • Playful White Tiger

Freedom Within Prison Project

2016, Ron Hering Awards

“The mission of Freedom Within Prison Project (FWPP) is  dedicated to the inner personal growth of incarcerated men, reducing recidivism rates and decreasing crime and violence in our prisons, jails and communities by facilitating the transformation of incarcerated men.”

Freedom Within Prison Project (FWPP) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization of five MKP brothers, Malcolm Dydo, Marc L’Ecluse, Jay Saber, Jim Urgo and Luke Lehman, dedicated to the inner personal growth of incarcerated men. The goal of FWPP is to create environments where inmates learn to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions through self-awareness and emotional literacy. Using processes learned through MKP I-Groups and leadership trainings plus a deep commitment and experience in the unique arena of men’s group work, FWPP conducts weekly circles and weekend intensives where inmates can safely explore, and work through personal issues that have prevented them from living up to their full potential as human beings. Through working with FWPP prisoners take behavioral, emotional, and spiritual responsibility for their lives, positively impacting the level of consciousness in the entire prison community, as well as within their families and aspects of society outside prison walls.


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