The 1st Chairman’s Front Porch Webinar

March 20, 2012 – 08:00PM – 10:00PM EST

Mike Elser

Mike Elser, MKP USA Chairman, will be hosting a webinar for the entire MKP USA community.  Its purpose will be to build a bridge, create the transparent community container by providing a Q&A format to address any questions / concerns / ideas men have.   We are one community and our goal is to remove the perception of a ‘National vs. Local’ organization. As one community, our success depends on our connection.

This is everyone’s opportunity to find out what MKP USA is all about and who/what is MKP USA.  The term webinar is short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web.
This is for all New Warriors!

To participate one must

  1. Utilize one’s PC
  2. Best to have a mic and headset (though a telephone may also be used).
  3. Register in advance by clicking on this URL (in your web browser) and following instructions:
    • If you need to use your phone, instead of a pc mic/headset, then
    • log in
    • click on “Telephone”  in the Audio portion of the GoToMeeting Sidebar (which will be displayed when you log in)
  4. The dial in number, access code and audio pin will be displayed to you.
  5. Phone in using the dial in information and follow instructions.

You’ll also receive an email that will inform you on how to log into the webinar on the day of the event when you click on the URL above.

It’s a lot easier than it looks!!!


For those not able to attend, you may:

  1. Send questions/ideas to
  2. Use the comments section at the bottom of this page.
  3. One can also twitter tweet to #mkpusafrontporch on the day/time of the event. Questions will be presented to our MKP USA Chairman and his team for their review and response.

Suggested topics of discussion/Q&A are:

  1. Who’s who in MKP-USA and how we make decisions?
  2. MKP USA what is in it for me?
  3. Membership & Fundraising?

Thank you for your participation and if there are any questions, I can be contacted at 732-545-8584 or

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